Maybe you fall in the camp of not knowing which end of a knife is which, or maybe you just need some fresh inspiration. Whatever the case may be, I’d love to encourage and educate you. With a dual degree in Culinary Arts and Culinary Nutrition and over 14 years of cooking experience, I know my way around a kitchen and love to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve been blessed with.

While the possibilities are endless, here are some fun ideas to spark your inspiration for hosting a cooking class:

  • Couples dinner party
  • Ladies night
  • Parent/kiddo class
  • Kids birthday party
  • Date night or double date night (or triple!)
  • One-on-one meal planning/prep lesson
  • Grocery shopping tour and instruction
  • Budget friendly eats

I am happy to provide the menu and lesson plan or take requests! We can base it off of seasonal flavors or specific dietary needs, whatever you might fancy. I can show you how to meal plan and prep or give you the nitty gritty about how to be most efficient in the grocery store. Or, I can help you learn how to shop and cook on a budget because, let’s be honest, we all want to save a buck or two.

I’ll do all the planning and necessary preparations as well as the grocery shopping. We’ll have an interactive class and you’ll leave with a meal and recipes and a fun treat such as a spice blend, salad dressing, or marinade. I’ll work around whatever you have in your kitchen or bring any necessary equipment needed. All you need to do is provide the space (and maybe a little wine if you fancy) and I’ll take care of the rest. Send me a message so we can chat about options!