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The sounds of meat sizzling in the pan, the smell of veggies roasting in the oven and the sight of kids getting in on the action with you; cooking brings you joy and peace. Maybe you have no problem getting your hands dirty in the kitchen; maybe it’s your zen-time, as I like to call it. But the planning, oh the planning. You simply don’t have the time or desire to get lost digging up recipes in the deep dark hole that is Pinterest, trying to take into account what each of your kids likes and dislikes. Add to that the gluten allergy you just developed and the fact that dairy just really doesn’t sit well with your husband.

Or maybe, like me, you’re single and hate to waste the time with pen and notebook in hand when you could be brunching it up with besties or watching football with the bros. Lets be honest, meal planning takes time and skill. You have to know what you actually can and can’t eat, you have to take the time to search for the recipes, you have to put all the pieces of the meal chart puzzle together to make sure you have enough food, but not so much that you’re chucking it in the trash only to have to rinse and repeat the next week.

So what do you do? You wander the aisles of Trader Joes aimlessly, picking up the essentials: ingredients for some sandwiches, milk and cereal, and half a dozen different chocolate-covered treats. Or, you head to Whole Foods and spend half your monthly salary on perfectly procured salads and tastefully prepared sides, meanwhile the butcher is slicing you up a few marinated steaks and chicken breasts that you can just throw in the pan. For the small price of an arm and a leg you can walk away with one beautifully packed brown paper sack of food to last you 3.25 days.

Any of that ring a bell? We’ve all been there, after traveling or amidst that crazy deadline week or finals. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With a month of printable plans, you can head to the store with certainty. You can confidently buy only the ingredients you need for the right amount of meals and snacks for you and your family.

Here’s how I can help:

  • A monthly subscription of printable meal plans
  • A weekly plan delivered straight to your inbox, with three meals a day and two snacks ideas for the week
  • Any necessary recipes to accompany plan

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Here’s a sample of a what you’ll receive (in addition to recipe links):