Why waste your time in the kitchen when there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing?! I have years of experience cooking for all types of clientele from professional athletes, to single professionals, to families with kids. But across the board, I’ve boiled people’s basic wants and needs down to two simple things: delicious food and wholesome, nutritious food. I can provide you with a weekly delivery of scratch-made meals that are both of those things.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Each Friday I’ll email a link to an ordering page with two menus: a vegetarian menu and a ‘clean-eats’ menu that is gluten and dairy free.
  • You’ll choose a meal plan with the number of meals you’d like for the week.
  • Based on your meal plan, you’ll then have a specific number of choices for which meals you’d like (i.e. if you purchase a meal plan for five meals you’ll get three choices and two of those meals will be repeated. If you purchase a meal plan for 14 meals, you’ll get seven choices and all seven will be doubled for a total of 14 meals.). OR you can choose “surprise me!” and I’ll pick out some meals based on personal or client favorites.
  • Meals need to be chosen by Tuesday for delivery the following Monday.
  • There will be a one-time membership fee to cover the cost of reusable containers and a cooler bag. Each week when I deliver a cooler-full of fresh of meals you’ll return the set of containers from the meals you just finished. The coolers allow me to deliver them to your home without requiring our schedules to jive.

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  • 5 meals/week – $75
  • 7 meals/week – $100
  • 10 meals/week – $135
  • 14 meals/week – $165


  • Kids portion – $6
  • Kids ‘brown bag’ style lunch – $5
  • Breakfast Frittata – $4
  • Fruit & nut snack bar – 3/$5.50 or 8/$12.50
  • Smoothie pack – $6

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